North Orange County Community College District

Full Job Description

President, Fullerton College

North Orange County Community College District

Position Number: 2015153P

Location: Fullerton College

Department: FC President’s Office Administration

Percentage of Employment: 100%

Months of Employment: 12 Months Per Year

Job Description:
The position calls for an individual with a record of proven leadership skills combined with a passionate commitment to a 21st- century comprehensive community college mission and the ability to plan resource allocation to meet these goals during a period of dynamic change. The ideal candidate will be an innovative and proven leader who provides strong institutional stewardship, champions faculty excellence and staff success, and further strengthens Fullerton’s commitment to student-centered experiences. The next President will be someone who advocates for diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism to support a culturally responsive environment that provides outstanding educational opportunities for all students, employees, and the surrounding community.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Chancellor, plan, organize, coordinate and direct the educational programs and activities of Fullerton College in accordance with the district plan and the policies of the Board of Trustees; perform leadership duties in the administration of the college; supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff.

Formulate and articulate a vision of the college’s future that addresses the evolving social, economic, and political forces that affect its mission and campus priorities, in which teaching, learning, student access, and student success are central to the college’s mission.

Embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in all its forms as a college-wide value. Support the needs of students of diverse academic, cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability backgrounds.

Provide leadership in college efforts to increase the diversity of faculty and staff to address student opportunity gaps and in the creation of a welcoming and inclusive work and educational environment.

Assist and promote the growth and success of a diverse population of students and employees through the development of interculturally competent and equity minded management and leadership abilities.

Maintain and build upon the excellence of the college’s academic, career technical education, and student services programs.

Provide support for staff development, curriculum, and technological innovation.

Provide leadership within the context of participatory governance, to the campus planning bodies, develop strategies for implementing the goals envisioned by the college, and be responsible for an ongoing evaluation of progress towards these goals.

Serve as the primary advocate for the college at the district level and with the Board of Trustees for financial needs, policy issues, special projects, and the promotion of campus goals and accomplishments; establish relationships and work constructively with the leadership of Cypress College, North Orange Continuing Education, and the district administration.

Provide strong student-centered leadership by addressing institutional barriers and creating a welcoming, inclusive, anti-racist, and engaging environment that provides multiple pathways to success for all students at the college.

Assure compliance with a variety of state and federal laws, the district plan, and the policies of the Board of Trustees.

Establish relationships and work constructively with government, civic, educational and business/industry groups.

Direct the development, preparation, and implementation of the college budget; prepare recommendations as appropriate regarding budget allocations.

Focus on serving the whole student, facilitating the development of systems and structures that assist students in successfully navigating guided pathways for completion and lifelong learning.

Provide strong leadership and guidance with a focus on advancing and maintaining educational quality, access, and student success during and after the current pandemic crisis. This will include building back enrollments and outreach efforts and adjusting instructional and support services delivery modalities to better meet the needs of students and communities served by the college.

Oversee the planning, construction and utilization of college facilities.

Actively promote campus donor and scholarship development and champion the Friends of Fullerton College Foundation.

Attend a variety of staff, Board, committee and administrative meetings; participate in regional and state activities and organizations for developing community college education.

Desirable Characteristics


Demonstrates personal/professional ethics and integrity in all behavior and relationships with a strong sense of transparency, fairness, and equity in all decision making.

Understands the importance of interpersonal relationships and management skills to create a student-centered institution.

Willingness to make difficult or unpopular decisions when needed to advance the priorities of the Institution.

Promotes consensus building in an open, approachable management style that is inclusive, collaborative, and enthusiastic.

Creates an innovative vision for the campus in response to a dynamic environment.


Exhibits a thorough understanding of and commitment to the mission of the California community college system and has experience in implementing statewide initiatives.

Takes a long-term view and builds a shared vision with others that is understood at all levels of the organization and acts as a catalyst for organizational change. Is able to inspire others to translate vision into action.

Fosters a just, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming environment to support the well-being and professional growth of employees. Demonstrated commitment to academic, artistic, and cultural freedom.

Creates a culture that encourages exploring new possibilities and innovative approaches that have significant potential to advance the college.


Understands the college president’s role within the organizational structure of a multi-college district. Engages in a creative, innovative, and respectful manner with district and college leadership.

Demonstrated experience, understanding and ability to work collegially in participatory governance setting and collective bargaining environment.

Supports strategic goals and data-informed objectives to achieve accountability and efficient stewardship of the institution’s resources (operational, financial, and human) in a manner consistent with systemwide objectives and initiatives.


Ability to establish relationships and work as a team member with college and district constituency groups.

Exhibits outstanding communications skills (oral and written), including the ability to present complex ideas and issues in a clear, concise manner. Listens attentively and seeks to understand others. Willing to accept and consider differing viewpoints.

Effective communication and management style in a district’s multicultural/multilingual environment, with a style that instills confidence and trust and has the impact of calming difficult or unexpected situations.

Supports employee well-being and is committed to advocating for all employees in the essential elements of career, financial, physical, social, and community through staff development and mentoring.


Demonstrates achievement in promoting student enrollment, engagement, success, equity, and retention.

Focuses on serving the whole student and facilitates the development of systems and structures that assist students in successfully reaching their academic goals.

Experience effectively leading and fostering diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and an anti-racist environment for students and employees. The ideal candidate should have experience advocating for the success and support of Black/African Americans, Latinx, Indigenous/Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders and other disproportionately impacted racial/ethnic student and employee groups.

Proven track record of advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities, and other minoritized groups of disproportionately impacted students and employees.


Demonstrated ability in working and developing partnerships with organizations, such as K-12 districts, transfer partners, industries, government agencies, foundations, financial, civic, and cultural entities, including the pursuit of philanthropic and grant funding opportunities.

Experience effectively navigating the complexities of the community college policy, legal and accreditation environment.

Primary Purpose:
The Board of Trustees of the North Orange County Community College District invites applications for the position of President, Fullerton College. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the college and reports to the Chancellor of the North Orange County Community College District.

Working Relationships:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Special Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:
Possession of a masters degree from a regionally accredited institution.

One year of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrators administrative assignment.

Commitment to diversity. All applicants must have demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, faculty and staff. The applicant must be able to demonstrate how their experience with these factors relates to successfully achieving the goals of the position.

Desirable Qualifications:
Possession of an earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution.

Five years of administrative experience in an executive position with decision-making responsibility, preferably in a postsecondary educational environment.

Demonstrated ability to support the district/college efforts to increase faculty and staff diversity, and to address student opportunity gaps. Prior experience in approaching work and interactions with colleagues and students in an equity-minded manner. Ability to provide an inclusive and welcoming work/educational environment.

Teaching experience, preferably with a demonstrated understanding of the importance of culturally relevant curriculum at the higher education level.

Working Conditions:

Salary Range: This is an executive position that offers a competitive salary of $220,839 – $285,097 annually, and benefits package, including participation in the California State Teachers Retirement System or California Public Employees Retirement System.

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