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Manager, Customer Experience & Order Fulfillment


One Well World, Ltd. is a values-driven eCommerce company where four key values permeate company strategy, decision making, operations planning, organization design and in short, everything we do. Founded in 2002, One Well World is relocating its corporate office and distribution to Englewood, CO. We are looking for team members that are interested in supporting the delivery of wellness, skin care, body care and hair care products and services to end user customers and wholesale luxury spa partners.


Love – approach everything we do with deep sense of compassion, caring and love for the work we do, the people we serve, our co- workers, colleagues, vendors and anyone with whom we interact, as committed representatives of One Well World, Ltd.

Learn – being open to and seeking opportunities for continuous learning and improvement in everything we do. Learning to view feedback as a gift. Understanding both the talents we bring and our individual and collective shortcomings. Building and reinforcing a learning environment – an atmosphere of personal and professional development that is not focused on what is wrong, but rather learning from and constantly improving upon everything we do. Shoring up identified blind spots, while bringing our strengths to fully bear on the job, in meetings and when working in teams.

Lead – continuously scanning our external environment and listening to customers and market intelligence to become even better at what we do. Staying ahead of our competitors. Innovating and creating new products and services which maintain an industry leadership position at all times. Creating superior online shopping experiences that set us apart from our competition. Bringing our individual strengths and expertise to bear in solving company problems and understanding and capitalizing on available business opportunities.

Laugh – deeply knowing that laughter heals the soul and is a reminder to take ourselves lightly even in the most difficult times. Trusting the universe and that we are part of something far bigger than a consumer products company. Laughter allows us to take a step back and focus on those things we can control, while letting go of stress and anxiety generated by those things which we cannot control. Paying attention to the laws of nature and the phenomenal world around us.

We are relentlessly focused on delivering exceptional customer service and creating memorable service experiences each time a consumer or wholesale partner interacts with any team member or web site.


Education: High School Diploma or GED required, BA/BS in related field, preferred.

Licensure requirements: No licensure requirements.

Education: Three years’ experience in a supervisory position preferred. Experience in a customer service role in a retail, wholesale or order fulfillment desirable. Must have experience using Microsoft Office suite of products – Outlook, Word and Excel, PowerPoint experience desirable. Magento or other eCommerce platform experience is considered an asset. Previous experience in working in SalesForce or other CRM preferred.

Must demonstrate experience and success working in a position which requires a high degree of accuracy, detail-orientation, multitasking and start-to finish-follow-through! Must have exceptional communication, customer service and phone skills interacting directly with end users. Ability to speak, read, write, and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace, in this case English. Speaking Spanish or other second language is an asset.

Physical: Must be able to stand for at least 8 hours in worst case scenario. Bending, working on knees and lifting of items 50 lbs. or less is required. Periodically lifts items 25 lbs. or less above head.

Reports to: Manager, Customer Experience & Order Fulfillment


Section 5: Salary Range (2023)

Mid – Mid – Max

$25.81 – $30.73 – $35.65


SERVICE 01. Consistently sets a positive leadership example for all employees. Models company values to internal and external customers and ensures Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) do the same.

SERVICE 02. Takes time to get to know internal and external customers on a personal level and understand this is the primary principle upon which the company was founded.

SERVICE 03. Understands the importance of balancing personal and team accountability in delivering exceptional customer service. Is flexible and assists all team members deliver on the company’s service promise.

SERVICE 04. Realizes the importance of quickly “recovering” service. Models and encourages CSR team to effectively deal with customer and vendor complaints – (1) listens to understand the problem, (2) with the partner/ customer/vendor, quickly develops a range of creative solutions from which to choose, (3) is a company owner in executing the recovery strategy to leave the partner/customer/vendor feeling better than when s(he) complained.

SERVICE 05. Understands that superior product knowledge and the confidence that comes from knowing, is the mark of a true service professional. Effortlessly assists retail and wholesale partners/customers select products and services that exceed expectations. Ensures CSR’s do the same.

SERVICE 06. Embraces the value of responsiveness – models and helps team members immediately acknowledge and respond to partners and customers in person, over the phone, via chat or email. Ensure calls do not go to VM. Returns calls that go to VM within 10 minutes. Answers emails within 10 minutes. Is always conscious that the best way the company can demonstrate caring is through the immediate delivery of service without making external and internal customers wait. Ensures CSR’s do the same.

SERVICE 07. Deeply knows that the individual contribution and energy brought to work greatly impacts the performance of the entire team. Is positive, “energetic” and prepared to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Models this behavior and ensures CSR’s do the same.

OPERATIONS 01. Ensures the Acumatica Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is flawlessly managed presenting the most positive impression of the company to wholesale clients/spa partners. Ensures exemplary follow-up without reminders.

OPERATIONS 02. Is the primary person responsible for efficient and effective warehouse and customer service management. Ensures policies and procedures are in place for all work. Ensures the CSR team embraces service principles and processing standards to facilitate consistency, operational excellence and flawless retail and wholesale customer experience. Examples:

Error rates are within standard.

  • Processing returns, daily.
  • Achieving order processing cutoffs.
  • Orders processed per hour.
  • Responsiveness indicators.
  • Effective employee communications.
  • Project deadlines.
  • OM4 and NBG customer acquisition and retention.
  • OM4 customer onboarding.

OPERATIONS 03. Assists Director, Customer Service & Enterprise Resource Management in effectively and efficiently managing inventory and par levels.

  • Monthly physical counts
  • Real time communication of shortages/stock outs.

OPERATIONS 04. Effectively manages the receiving and shipping departments.

OPERATIONS 05. Assists sales and service hit new business development targets – online sales, subscription sales and new channel development.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 01. Helps prepare and manage capital and operating budgets by November 1st of each year.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 02. Monitors productivity, OT and staffing requirements to achieve or exceed payroll targets.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 03. Effectively manages to OWW people guidelines to maintain a high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement with minimal turnover.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 04. Takes initiative and has a desire to grow and develop in all areas, especially in new job responsibilities and projects. Demonstrates openness to feedback without being defensive. Creates employee development plans and helps other team members do the same.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 05. Is dependable, reliable and on time.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 06. Is engaged and committed to helping the company leave a legacy – is accountable, keeps commitments and service promises.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 07. Participates in community events and supports OWW community programs.

STRATEGY 01. Oversees the generation of monthly reports, presents findings at monthly operations meetings and recommends strategies for continuous improvement.

  • Dashboard Contributions
  • Ad hoc reports

STRATEGY 02. Learns from company information and works collaboratively with the entire retail and wholesale teams to develop innovative new products and services which enhance customer loyalty, streamline operations and improve sales.

STRATEGY 03. Creates celebration rituals and contests to motivate performance. Appreciates and encourages team member accomplishments. Celebrates company successes.

STRATEGY 04. Is engaged and committed to helping the company leave a legacy – is accountable, keeps commitments and service promises.

Job Types: Full-time, Exempt


  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • Day shift

On Site Role:

One Well World, Ltd.

Corporate Offices & Distribution Center

2925 South Umatilla Street

Englewood, CO 80110


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