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Venture Starters is a community of startups that meet weekly. Launched on Zoom last August, over 10,000 Linkedin members have registered to attend a Wednesday event. Over 500 startups are part of the community and many need Advisors. We are seeking talented people who can serve as a Director, Board of Directors for one or more startups.

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Venture Starters has become the largest community of startups that meets weekly worldwide. The Wednesday night networking event has become so popular that over 200 attend weekly live on Zoom. It’s where founders meet investors and talented people who want to join a startup team. During every live event dozens of founders do 2 minute elevator pitches and people who want to be considered for a Member of The Board of Advisors can reach out to the founder and set up an interview.


Help the startup team. Add value with wisdom, connections and introductions. Attend meetings.


You must have business expertise and ideally startup experiences.


These are not paid positions but can evolve into paid roles as the startups grow. If you want to join a startup team, we have startups in all industries that could be an excellent fit for you. Some startups in our community may offer you equity that you can earn. Learn details when you have interviews with startup founders.


All roles are part-time.

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Apply here to be considered. An email will be sent to you inviting you to meet with our startup founders at a future live zoom networking event.

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