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Patrice Barber, CEO of Career CNX, an international Personal Branding and Career Management firm, is a national speaker and instructor to C-Level groups, leadership teams, and business owners. She is a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing trail blazer known for crafting personal brands that connect leaders to their mission driven opportunities. Her focus is on effectively applying these concepts to building a powerful sphere of influence with 20-50% more engagement in 15 minutes a day, attracting hidden opportunities, starting and scaling new business ventures driven by personal brand.

Patrice has been featured in CoBiz Magazine, Denver Business Journal, Denver Post, Prospector, KNUS radio, is a frequent speaker at national entrepreneurial events, and guest lecturer at University of Denver and Regis University’s MBA programs. 25+ years of experience in both corporate leadership for teams from 3 to 300 and building multiple startup with clients spanning five countries. She has successfully sold three firms, one generating over $5M in gross revenue in 18 months. Her high-energy, actionable presentations bring audiences to action.

Climbed 10 of the 14ers in Colorado, grew up in 7 different countries, enjoys single track biking and exotic beaches with scuba sites nearby to toast the sunset with family and friends.



Presentation Topics

Successful Product Launch Strategies

Five Steps to a Profitable Product (or Service) Launch

While every product (or service) launch will be slightly different, launch fundamentals remain the same.  This presentation, designed for business owners, CMO’s, marketing managers, marketing and business consultants, covers what you need to do before, during and after the initial product launch and provides examples, formats and details in each area.

Key Points

Client eXperience Management

Launching Your CRM to Increase Conversion and Retain Happy Clients

Business owners, IT directors, marketing professionals and sales managers learn the power of a CRM – Customer Relationship Management system. These robust software packages not only store client data, but when selected and used properly, a CRM drives revenues. It enables customer outreach, engagement and tracking; lead generation and prioritization; and effective outbound marketing automation to simultaneously increase productivity and sales and reduce the selling cycle.

Key Points

Marketing Automation for CEO's

​Implementing Automation to Boost Revenue and Cut Marketing Costs

Do you return from a networking event with a 2 inch stack of business cards on your desk and struggle on how to follow up?  When visitors come to your website, do you know they are there and for how long, who they are, and what was of interest to them? The issue typically is not getting leads, it’s how to influence them to buy.  Discover how to go from 10 steps to just 2 easy steps to a close by using the most current marketing strategies and automated follow up to Convert Contacts to Cash.

Key Points

Mobile Marketing for the C-Level

Attracting and Retaining Clients using Mobile Devices

You see it everywhere you go – people on their mobile devices and not just talking, but checking their messages, searching the web for information and texting to communicate. Chances are that they are your customers so communicate with them the way they do. Business owners and marketing directors, find out what 84% of your clients want from you. Get the latest information about mobile marketing and how to use it to drive more prospects to your business to make more money.

Key Points

Personal Branding

Top 10 Do's And Don'ts To Becoming A Thought Leader

This presentation is designed for Executives considering transition, thought leaders interested in growing their digital presence, and those launching their book or speaking engagements. If you are ready to be seen as an industry leader and sought after for your knowledge and experience, this presentation is for you. Learn how you can expand your personal brand to become a thought leader, distinguish yourself in your industry and rapidly grow your contacts and connections. 

Key Points

Colorado Companies Succeeding In Clean Tech

The top innovations being made in Colorado’s clean tech space

This presentation is designed for those interested in learning more about hot tech trends from Colorado Entrepreneurs that investors are pouring money into. Even as oil prices plummet, discover how Colorado companies are changing the landscape in electric vehicles, Electric drives for commercial vehicles and power generation to keep investors interests piqued.

Key Points

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