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We help Director and above leaders find board roles, new opportunities, & internal advancement in under 90 days


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advance to their new role
in under 12-weeks

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advance in under 7-weeks

Our Executive Programs are designed for Director and above execs who are ready for the next big move in their career.

  • Has it been a few years since you considered a new position?
  • Are you struggling to get to the 2nd and 3rd conversations?
  • Wondering why people are not calling you back?
  • Is your network sending you lots of introductions but not much traction?

Together, we develop your Personal Brand, your Portfolio of Career Assets and put your Career Action Plan into motion, with your peer-to-peer group.

The instructors and your fellow attendees form a unique group.

The knowledge you gain, your experience and new network last well beyond the program.

Still not sure?

Answer a few questions & talk to a Career Strategist.

Interviewing executives in transition

How Quickly Have Others Advanced?

Here are clients & companies we have worked with.
Manda Morris
Sr. Dir. Finance
Soma Logic


Todd Cameran

VP Marketing


Lynnea Hutton
Sr. Director Operations


Maarten Warnaars



Charles Warren
Intl. Dir. Marketing


Suzy Cannon
Dir. Global Logistics Arrow Electronics


Sandy Bowman
VP Quality
Wyndham Destinations

120 DAYS

Jonathan Harber
VP Product Mgt


What You Learn

Get all the training and support you need in one place.
6 topics | 20+ exercises | 20+ videos

Personal Brand Foundation - Create A Sizzling Resume And Digital Brand

Develop your Professional Summary - and learn why this is more important than a resume Apply to your Portfolio of Career Assets, promoting your Digital Brand

Personal Brand Online - Leverage the Power of Social Media

Use the advance features of LinkedIn without paying for Premium.
See first hand how your peers are attracting the attention of recruiters and potential employers.

Authentically build your network

Get the 10 steps of what to do Before..During...After networking to double your contacts. Change the painful process into fun-Yes it can be fun if you know how. Increase your sphere of influence within the first week.

Focus And Target Your Next Role

Learn the best ways to organize your search. Find the “hidden jobs” Become the top candidate for the most sought after positions.

Create Your Personalized Follow-Up System

Setup your profile, goals and contacts to track progress, measure successes, stay motivated Intentionally stay connected to your network with our proprietary virtual networking app.

Negotiate for your perfect position

Learn how to turn "NO" into "YES" Discover the best way to have the conversation about what you are worth Practice asking and answering the tough questions about why you deserve the new position

Why This Works

One of the greatest things that I’;ve gained out of this is the opportunity to network with a lot of phenomenal people. I also enjoyed the opportunity to get together with my accountability partners and the camaraderie that we have with each other. The other thing that has been great for me is the relevant content that we learn directly from the organization.
Don Dertina
Regional VP

Don Moved to his new position within

90 days of wrapping up the accelerator.
I feel like I've really uncovered a new passion on what I want to do and who I want to do it with. The materials and the resources in the class are huge. These are some of the resources that I carry with me wherever I go and I’ve been referencing the course pretty much daily to people that I talk with. I look forward to being able to leverage this and the relationships that I made with the class.
Jason Nelson
Head of Customer Engagement, Centil LLC
The primary thing is the knowledge that Patrice brought. I've learned about networking & social media. The secondary thing was the accountability partners. That helped us get a lot of feedback. The third thing that really benefited me was the peer pressure to move along and to think about the issue at hand.
Steven Westberg
Former CFO, Saas Company

Meet Our Career Strategists

Patrice Barber

Taylor Made Solutions (TMS)

Anne Bonelli

Brand, Marketing & Communications

Stacy Ingram

Cultivate Your Courage Coaching

Ingrid Pyka


Eric Goodman

Meridian Success Group

Melodie Reagan

Crazy Good Marketing (CGM)

$142 per month
billed annually

Take control of your Career Evolution

12-month program

Monthly meeting with your Career Strategist and 10-12 person mastermind cohort.

Access to the Career CNX platform, exclusive career development training, Roundtables, Masterminds.

Prefer a more personalized approach with 1:1 feedback, looking for multiple offers,  or can’t make the Thursday group sessions?
Upgrade to 1:1 career strategist sessions

Need 1:1 support? Choose your upgrade.
Each option includes CNX Alliance above

$205 per month
billed annually

Refine your brand and story

Attract thought leadership opportunities, mentors, & advancement.

6 hrs – 3 Strategy Sessions 1:1, up to 3 hours of review & feedback for up to 3 personal brand assets.

Work with a personal strategist to align your actions to your why, create a clear personal brand online and offline:

$395 per month
billed annually

Create your career roadmap and strategies

Attract multiple opportunities, higher pay, and board roles.

12 hrs – 6 Strategy Sessions 1:1 focused on 6 Career Evolution topics, ~6 hrs of review & feedback.

Leverage the full Career Evolution training guided by a strategist to create your brand, your networking strategy and roll play multiple scenarios.

$1550 per month
OR $1150 per month
billed annually

We build your personal brand, roadmap and strategies for you.

Attract 2-10 conversations each month for thought leadership, speaker, board seats, founder/co-founder roles.

Dedicated branding expert, twice monthly custom strategy sessions. 

We build your personal brand, manage online social presence, schedule interactions onto your calendar.

Not sure which program is a fit for you? 
Answer a few questions and talk with a Career Strategist.

I hope, having gone this far, that you won’t stop short, for whatever reason–skepticism, procrastination, cost–whatever the reason may be.

You’ve gotten this far, and it’s now time to take action. Start today.
Request a complimentary strategy session with a Career Strategist,  let’s create your personalized roadmap!

What do we look for in a Career CNX member?

Go Givers not just takers

listen to others, give constructive feedback and fresh ideas from your own experiences including the not so good things that did not work for you

Be Present

in each session ready to actively learn, question what is stated,take action after each session

Steadily implement ideas and changes

between each Mastermind, Roundtable, personally embrace Kaizen, continuous improvement

Maintain confidentiality

keep private information private, and don’t “steal” opportunities from others. We’re going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone signs the confidentiality agreement upfront to be confident their information will be kept safe.

If you take the actions requested in the first two sessions are not completely satisfied with the program, just let us know before the second session within 30 days, and we will issue a full refund.

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