Fitting Life Around Your Work: High performer strategies to create time for Family, Health and Hobbies

Dr. Ingrid Pyka, award winning author and TEDx speaker

Fitting Life Around Your Work: High performer strategies to create time for Family, Health and Hobbies 

Our country is among the top in the stress we place upon ourselves and our workforce to maximize productivity. We are quickly realizing the cost to the individuals in our society: physical, mental and spiritual burnout. 

Join Dr. Ingrid Pyka on Thursday, June 1 as we explore effective strategies that increase our productivity, while promoting a healthy work-life balance. It’s time we reclaim our health, family, and personal well-being. 

Why Goal-Setting Fails and Building Your Foundation to Triumph

Society too often shames when we “Want” something as “selfish” or “greedy.” To better understand why goalsetting so often fails, I invite you to shift this perspective. Whether we work for our own specific prize or it is given to us as a gift, by not having our eye on the trophy in the first place, we can deny ourselves the ultimate triumph of achievement. Wanting is a good thing! It is a motivator and establishes the reward. 

With the assumption that a Want is something we’d like to have, we presume a Need is something we must have. A Need invokes negative results or implications if the Need is not gained or if it is lost. Wants, on the other hand, are not essential for survival and suggests a powerful desire or choice. To be clear, “survival” in this context refers to both our biological viability (staying alive), and, in a more relatable context for many, our ability to ultimately reach a goal or the realization of a vision. 

In the quest for “success” or “achievement,” an important question thus arises: Are Needs or Wants more powerful in delivering us to triumph? In other words, is it our Need or our Want that becomes the stronger motivator? 

For that which is in our control, the reality is, what you do when is driven purely by your commitment level. Your dedication to a specific goal has a high prediction-value to whether it becomes reality. 

What happens when you Need something? No questions asked, no excuses made, regardless of the challenges, the fact is that –as long as theoretically possible– you do somehow attain this Need. In contrast, there must be enough passion (emotion) behind a Want before no obstacle is deemed too large to stand in the way of the goal. Without the strength behind the Want, interest wanes, while energy, effort, and ensuing actions dwindle to nothing. The result? The Want (goal) fades away, never to be obtained. 

An honest goal-setting exercise with yourself is always a good idea. What do you want to have, to do, and, most importantly, to be? How much do you want any of it? Often when you ask yourself “Why?” you can validate and commit to your choices even more.

The list of goals (your Wants) creates your menu of real possibilities. You’ve got this! Let yourself dream. Discover new visions. By doing so you build the foundation for pathway to reality: I can grow my career. I can get a new car. I can take the vacation. I can ____________________ (insert any of your desires to complete the sentence)

Next strategy steps to fulfill your own “I Can” prophecies, transform your mindset into “I Will” and, ultimately, the hold-in-hand, truly experiencing “I Am!” –aka reality!

Ingrid Pyka, DVM, CVMI

The Time Architect

TEDx & Keynote Speaker, Time Management Executive Training/Consulting

Adaptive excerpt from “I Can. I Will. I Am. Finding the Gift of Time” – available through and now on Amazon too!

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