“Everything You Need To Know About Hiring An Executive Career Coach in Denver, CO”

Now, more than ever, executives are looking for career coaches in Denver, CO.  Most executives are recognizing the need to create a personal brand as part of their career planning. Very few understand what makes up a personal brand. An executive career coach helps you define your personal brand and it has become critical.

It can be daunting to find the right coach or program. We at Career CNX hear this all the time from potential clients. The new executive job market now faces a national average of 2.7 years for executives is to change jobs.

It is overwhelming and difficult to know who you can trust, between Google searches and inbound LinkedIn solicitations to help you with your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and deciding what job is a good fit for you.  

There are also executive coaches that go beyond career coaching to help with life planning and leadership development.

While at Career CNX we focus solely on career coaching for executives interested in landing their next position in under 90 days using cutting-edge digital tools, it is important to understand your options for the best fit.

Why list our competitors?

First, we firmly believe there is plenty of executive career coaching work to go around.

Second, we know what we do better than anyone else. We talk with 100’s of executives each year.

Third, we often collaborate and refer people to competitors who provide alternate or additional services we don’t.

Just because a list appears at the top of your Google search results, doesn’t mean that they are the right coaching company or individual for you. It means that persona or company is good at getting to the top of the Google search results.

We wanted to help sort through the confusion of finding an executive career coach.

Here are the top Executive Career Coaches in Denver as of December 2020.

Unstuck Academy – Executive & Entrepreneur Coach


Offer: We Help Entrepreneurs & Executives Find the Path To a Healthier Business & a Happier Life. I help entrepreneurs and executives who feel stuck get their life on track.

Background:  Starting in the early 1990s I spent 15 years as a psychologist, family therapist, trainer, and consultant in the fields of addiction, adult & child community mental health, stopping-violence, and psycho-education programming, across multiple health settings in New Zealand and the US.

Denver Executive Career Coach – Crush Fear & Find Your Career


Help to Overcome Challenges, Get Unstuck & Achieve your Full Potential.

Offer: VIM offers one-on-one executive and business coaching in-person in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, or nationwide and internationally by phone and video conferencing. In addition, VIM offers tailored workshops for executive teams.

Background: Our services offer the flexibility to meet your specific circumstances with a structured process that delivers results you can feel after the first session. Programs can last as little as a few weeks or as long as several years.

Your Dream Career Coach – Land Your Dream Career


Helping ambitious people with 10+ years of great professional experience make the defining shift in their career.

We understand that Managers and Leaders need something different. They need a very specific approach to secure their dream roles, something that we’ve spent more than a decade refining.

Offer: A Career Masterclass. The new way to land your dream career at top companies as told by Former Associate Director at Deloitte NYC

Background: Presented by — James Whittaker. James is a former Director at Deloitte NYC. 

He was hired into the world’s #1 professional firm in 2008, during the worst financial crisis in history… all with an unrelated degree (Chemistry) and work experience in a cinema serving popcorn.

At Deloitte NYC, James served as a senior member of the executive hiring team and helped screen and interview hundreds of candidates.

Denver Career Coach – Maximize Your Career Potential


Anne founded Career Matters in 1998.

Offer: Career Matters offers career tests and assessments, career planning, helping people find their best career fit, enhancing their leadership potential and accelerating advancement.

Background: With a varied background in counseling, educating and consulting, Anne Angerman has worked with more than 2,000 individuals across 45 industries, for more than 30 years. She brings her depth of experience, people skills and wisdom to help her clients better understand themselves, integrate their life and work experiences and find their passions. 

Inner Compass Coach


Offer: I’m intuitive as heck and I know what to say and just how to say it to support you in weighing options and evaluating decisions.

I’m a trained therapist who can support you with work-related conflicts.

I include techniques and exercises that help your personal and professional growth.

Background: I’ve been in this industry for over nine years and have worked with over 400 clients in my private practice alone! I promise I’ll be real with you about what careers will pay and what you can realistically expect in your transition.

Colorado Careers                   


Offer: Colorado Careers is a career transition services company with offices in Denver. CC has established itself as a company owned and operated by Colorado professionals providing career services designed specifically to benefit people who want to live in Colorado.

Background: Colorado Careers was founded over a decade ago by Owen Jones, who leads the executive coaching and leadership team and works one-on-one with each client.

Prior to launching Colorado Careers, Owen served in a variety of senior executive positions in international consumer products and the automotive industry.

He is a partner in TurningPoint, an executive retreat company also in Colorado. Before he “discovered” Colorado himself, he was president and an owner of M&J industries, a tier-one supplier to the heavy truck industry in Ohio. 

Selecting the right executive career coach

Selecting the right executive career coach is a very personal process. When you’re trying to decide the right person for you, consider these questions.

What are their measures of success?

Anyone with a track record should be able to tell you about their client successes.

Question your prospective executive coaches on how long typical clients take until they secure a new position or reach their goals. How does the coach set the measures of success that they use?

Are there tools they used to help their clients find success faster? Spreadsheets? Asynchronous training? Apps? Other software tools?

Do they understand your personal brand? Creative Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

And finally, can you talk with a few clients to see how this coach helped them.

Do you “click” with this person?

Interview several coaches. Explore how they work with their clients and how they might work with you.

Think about the coaches and mentors that you have worked with over your life.

Who did you really enjoy working with and why? Ask yourself if your short list of executive career coaches fit that same mold.

You’ll be spending time with this person. You need to, at the very least, respect this person’s advice and counsel. If you find yourself dismissing your coach’s recommendations or tactics, perhaps this isn’t the person to work with. 

What are you really looking to accomplish?

You need to be clear about what you’re looking for in an executive career coach.

Are you looking to create or burnish your personal brand? If so, why?

Are you looking for a promotion within your current company or interested in transitioning to a new position in a different company?

What is your industry? There are coaches that work across all industries as well as individuals that specialize in certain industries. Do you have a preference?

Are you looking for specific advice? There are coaches that focus on your interviewing skills or networking.

Make a list of what you are expecting from your coach and make sure that the person you select can help you with your goals.

How much are you willing to pay?

The cost of an executive career coach can vary widely based on what you’re looking to accomplish. When interviewing prospective coaches, be sure to find out their fees or costs.

The best coach in the world can’t help you if you can’t afford them.

Keep in mind that coaching is an investment in personal education and growth. A good coach can pay for themselves if you are able to get that next lucrative opportunity or promotion.

Executive career coaching is important

Here at Career CNX, Our aim is to give executives and credentialed professionals the tools to build and grow their business identity, connect to ideal next opportunities for a corporate job, board position, founder/cofounder, consultant, or owner operator role…at speed.

Most importantly our SaaS platform sustains your rekindled network over the next 3 years and beyond to keep you prepared to make your future jumps as needed … effortlessly.

If you have any questions or comments on executive career coaching, personal branding or the Career CNX app, please feel free to email us. We are interested in keeping in touch with executives throughout their careers.

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