Alliance Roundtable | Leading With Closed Loop Performance

“Leadership states strategic alignment is 82%, but Employee data shows only 23% — two to three times lower than perceived alignment”, HBR article finds.

As a leader, how do you effectively align and engage your team so that you can achieve the goals you meticulously set?

Close the loop on exceptional performance by bringing your goals full-circle.

Join us for an exclusive roundtable to learn how to get traction and achieve your highest impact personally and professionally.

Our Strategists will share key insights on:

  1. Aligning your why, what and how
  2. Engaging intentions to get traction and results
  3. Achieving your highest impact personally and professionally

Join on Thursday, March 7th at 8:00am – 9:30 am MST to get real-time strategies!

Click HERE to RSVP today – We’ve got a limited number of seats!

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