Alliance Roundtable – Creating a Polished Presence | June 2

We are excited to bring two experts on executive presence for national and international engagements and leadership situations.

Kelly Goering, a certified project manager and dynamic speaker, joins us from Evolving Smart bringing her solid background in Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol training, cross-cultural communication, and corporate/business etiquette as well as cultural sensitivities.

Dana Lynch, a certified image expert and sought-after speaker/author, joins us from Elements of Image with her specialization in professional image advising.

Invited guest registration.

Are you planning or in the process of stepping back out into face-to-face engagements? Join us at this month’s Roundtable and we’ll discuss:

    • Does your body language convey your leadership?
    • Are your speaking skills ready for the C-suite & global conversations?
    • What visual cues is your appearance conveying?

This event is by invitation only.  RSVP & invite a friend below and our team will provide you a 30 day free pass to the Career CNX Alliance.

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Patrice Barber – CEO of Career CNX, SaaS tech founder, recovering engineer with mar-tech expertise. Known for delivering advanced strategies in career advancement for professionals to get the raises, promotions and new opportunities they deserve.

Kelly Goering – a Certified Project Manager and dynamic speaker, Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer and trained in cross-cultural communication with a specific focus on corporate/business etiquette and cultural sensitivities.

Dana Lynch – a Certified image expert and sought-after speaker/author, helps take the stress out of getting dressed! Specializing in professional dress, she has worked with attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, CPA’s, financial planners, and countless other professionals.

Kevin Cuthbert – a seasoned leader with over 30 years of experience in the human capital space. He has coached hundreds of executives, worked with executive teams to gain greater alignment and productivity and has designed and implemented award-winning leadership learning processes and organization change initiatives.

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