Alliance Roundtable | All About Networking: How to Find and Connect with Your Ideal Contacts



In-person networking – we all know this approach is proven for discovering new opportunities.

Events like the Denver Startup Week – a massive 5-day event which hosted over 10,000 attendees in 2022 – can open incredible doors. However, it can be difficult to find those ideal opportunities at mega conferences like this.

Even smaller events pose the same challenge – how do we effectively navigate one-on-one and event based networking?

In this exclusive roundtable, our speakers will help you to answer these questions:

  • Where do I find the right events?
  • How do I know who to talk to that can help me?
  • How do I get them to meet with me later?
    and more.

If you struggle with defining your shortlist of ideal events, contacts and a strategy to connect with them, join us LIVE to get real-time strategies.

Join us on Zoom on October 5, 8:00 am to 9:30 am MDT to help you with your networking challenges.

Click HERE to RSVP today – We’ve got a limited number of seats!

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