Crack the Communications Code: Leveraging AI for Effective Corporate Communication

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Patrice Barber, CEO of Career CNX and National Speaker

Most of us communicate in the style we are most comfortable with, and we assume everyone else likes our style, understands it, and gets what they need from our messages.

If we’re honest, we are engaging in self-deception. 

Each person has a unique personality style. If you understand your style, and can also interpret someone else’s style, interactions flow better. 

How do you know what your style is and more importantly, the style of your recipient?

Let’s start with knowing your style.

Your Personality Style and Your Brand

Are you aware of your personality style? Your style predicts how you tend to communicate with others. For example, if you are a very analytical individual, you probably communicate with more facts and figures. Any untruth or unverified fact may bother you to the point of searching for the answer immediately. 

Your conversation partner may be baffled as to why the absolute knowledge of that fact is important at that minute. 

Your brand is an extension of you. Are you projecting a no-nonsense sensibility or a more relaxed attitude? 

Your brand should be attracting the best customers for your business. And the communication coming from your brand should take into account the audience.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.  ~Leonardo da Vinci

Communicating with Others

People are often puzzled by opposing communication styles.

When in a group, it’s a good idea to watch how people interact – it’s a great way to discern personality styles.

If someone is more nurturing, they may talk more softly and often reach up to touch or nearly touch their conversation partners. This person may be put off by a more terse conversation exchange.

Pay attention to the reaction of your audience as you speak.

  • Do they move in toward you or away from you?
  • Do they look puzzled?
  • Are they animated and vocal?

These are all signs of personality styles. A movement towards you and engagement with what you’re saying means that person is interested in your thoughts. When people start moving away or get very quiet, often this means they don’t agree or are not interested in your thoughts. 

But what about discerning personality styles online? Without the body language or immediate feedback of a live conversation, how do you perceive their personality style and communication style?

A New Tool

What if you had a tool that could tell you exactly how the receiver understands your message and if it resonates with them? 

Career CNX has partnered with Codebreaker to leverage AI technology.

This tool uses an AI interface that determines personality and communication styles from someone’s online presence, particularly LinkedIn.

LinkedIn profiles have a wealth of information about an individual’s personality and communication style. There is a small assumption that the person wrote their profile, whereas it is occasionally posslbe that a total stranger ( consultant) wrote it for them. Regardless, most of us still embed or own personality in our writing style even when someone else  helps us do the writing. 

Consider how you might approach someone you don’t know well with a question about their industry. If you’re a facts and figures person you might start like this:

Dear George,

My company is striving to increase production of widgets by 50%. I noticed that your company has increased production of your product by 52% in the last year. Can we get together and talk about how your organization was able to accomplish such a remarkable increase? 

George might be fine with this – if he’s a facts and figures guy. However, you could have just insulted him. Some folks respond better if you ask about them personally before you ask for a favor.

How can you predict how someone will respond?

Using the Codebreaker AI Tool

The Codebreaker AI is designed to uncover a person’s personality type. Using a few emails that someone has written, and their LinkedIn profile, Codebreaker determines how best to communicate with them.

Before you write your email, you review George’s LinkedIn profile with the Codebreaker browser extension. This information gives you information on George’s probable personality type. Knowing this type, you begin to draft your email.

You create an email that you feel George can respond positively to, and then have the Codebreaker AI tool review the email.

The tool responds back to you with suggestions on how to update the email so that George is more likely to be receptive to your request.

You continue to refine your email to George until both you and the tool are satisfied that George will be receptive to your request.

The tool will give you feedback to make your communications more effective for the personality of your recipient.

Career CNX and Codebreaker AI

The CareerCNX app and Codebreaker AI help you communicate with your network more efficiently and with better results. Join the CNX community, complete a career assessment and request your personal profile here.

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