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Our Concierge Program curates
2-10 conversations and opportunities each week.

Having A Personal Brand To Attract Opportunities Is No Longer Optional For Leaders

89% of new contacts use social media to learn about your before meeting you.

Most Director and above leaders, CXO's, Founders aren't familiar with and don't have time to figure out strategies for personal branding.

But... you DO have time to reply to emails from LinkedIn or other sources and attend calls preset on your calendar.

There is an easier way to grow your network

Beyond attending networking events, there is a better and easier way to grow your sphere of influence to create opportunities with productive, interesting conversations.
Interviewing executives in transition
  • Discover how to become an executive “Brand Ambassador” for your company
  • Be known as a thought leader
  • Attract opportunities for board positions, consulting, side gigs, and internal C-suite advancement.
  • Go from compelling content to engaged conversations online and offline.

How it works

Our full-service Concierge Program and proprietary platform is the “Done-For-You” approach.

Our team:

  • Builds your personal brand to attract the right opportunities
  • Schedules meaningful interactions onto your calendar to accelerate your professional goals.
  • Delivers your customized winning strategy

You get to:

  • Interact with your contacts
  • Give us your feedback
  • Create productive relationships each month
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What others say

Career CNX gave me some sort of accountability of how I should spend my time doing what I need to do.

I can see it in my day-to-day conversations. I feel like I can have conversations with a variety of people and be able to provide something for whoever it is I'm speaking to.

Career CNX was able to enlighten and support me with ideas directly or through their network. I would definitely recommend Career CNX to other people.
Salman Hashim
Associate, North South Ventures

The Concierge Program

Building Your Foundation

Our team takes a deep dive into your portfolio of existing assets to create your brand foundations, value, tone and brand promise. We setup our proprietary Career CNX platform to house your assets, Top 100 influencing contacts, and build your career management roadmap.

Growing Your Network & Filling Your Calendar

Content is created each month for your approval to build credibility and fill your calendar with 2-10 opportunities each week and by rekindling connections online and curating new connections with our carefully crafted communications.

Monthly Support for Sustainability

Our team works with you to track progress, grow and maintain your social media presence on a monthly basis to ensure your personal brand is consistent across all channels.

Meet Our Career Strategists

Patrice Barber

Executive Career Strategist/
Digital Transformation Strategist
Career CNX

Kelly Goering

Career Strategist/Civility Consultant
Evolving Smart

Jennifer Maskrey

Career Strategist/
Personal Brand Marketing
Career CNX

Ingrid Pyka

Career Strategist/ Executive Strategist
IBP Consulting Services

Eric Goodman

Career Strategist /Leadership Coach Meridian Success Group

Melodie Reagan

Career Strategist/HR Consultant
i2i Workforce


What do we look for in a Career CNX Client?

Be Present

in each session ready to engage, interact with your new contacts

Steadily implement ideas and changes

between each meeting and personally embrace Kaizen, continuous improvement

Maintain confidentiality

When attending Alliance Roundtables and Masterminds, keep private information private, and don’t “steal” opportunities from others. We’re going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone needs to be confident their information will be kept safe.

If you take the actions requested weekly and are not completely satisfied with the program, just let us know before the second Strategy Session, we will issue a full refund.

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