“Why Hiring for Culture Fit is Costing you Time & Money”

By: Kristen Kenton | Kenton Talent Management | www.kentontalent.com | kristen@kentontalent.comAs a Talent Strategist and Executive Recruiter, my clients rely on me to effectively assess “cultural fit” when making hiring recommendations and designing talent strategies. However, I think this is a slippery slope depending upon how the company chooses to define both culture and fit….

Breaks in your resume? A few sample answers.

Do you have gaps on your resume? Here’s help explaining those gaps. This is the final article in our series about handling breaks in your resume.  Today we’re going to focus on good answers when you’ve had a long break between positions. If you missed the earlier articles in this series check out the News…

Breaks in your resume? Support an Association.

Do you have gaps on your resume? Here’s part one of our series on explaining the breaks. Whether it’s due to a brief illness, relocation, caring for an ill family member, or just a long time between jobs, nearly everyone has some type of gap on their resume. When it’s more than about 6 months,…


Executives, this is what recruiters are doing to find talent … like you! Are you showing up where they are looking? While retained search recruiters may be a small part of your target audience, HR execs are another great source of contacts, introductions and company knowledge. Consider lunch with 100 as part of your strategy….

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