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align, engage and advance their people

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Most companies we work with have 3 or more of these as a challenge

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Frequently slipping company goals
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Misaligned individuals’ tasks and company objectives
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Disconnect in communication
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Difficulty attracting talent
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High turnover rate (>12%) annually
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Disengaged remote workforce
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Limited access to mentors and career champions
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Minimal career development training

Bottom line performance begins with front line alignment

Growth is an inside job and it starts with your people. 

This starts with an employee-centric strategy designed for your goals and your business.

Our whole-person approach gives you and your team the platform, insight and training that allows leaders to align, engage and advance.

There is no one size fits all. In the end, results matter. We deliver them.

ALIGN - Developing Strategic Action for Alignment

Reaching your performance goals requires the actions of your front line teams to be aligned with the organizational objectives. We work with you to develop your dashboard and custom strategies to align your talent.

ENGAGE - Cohort Engagement and Performance

Your workforce is the foundation of your productivity. We ensure your teams are engaged with a whole person approach to do their best work.

ADVANCE - Career Pathway Advancement

Long-term growth is an inside job. We partner with HR and your leadership team to facilitate the ongoing career development your employees need to build their future.


92% of employers are making employee experience a priority in
2022 and beyond versus 52% prior to 2019.*

*Source: SHRM 2021 survey of 1550 companies.
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Engaged Employees Drive Performance

Our approach ensures your employees are aligned and engaged on the most impactful company objectives

According to Gallup's latest study,

Companies with engaged employees experience:

  • 23% increase in profitability
  • 18% increase in productivity & retention
  • 10% increase in customer loyalty/engagement

“Engaged employees have higher wellbeing, better retention, lower absenteeism and higher productivity”

Data-Driven, Results Oriented.

We equip your team with the platform, insight & training to make data-driven decisions and achieve business results


Our proprietary software gives your team members a central place to set, track and measure performance against desired goals.


Team leaders gain unmatched visibility into the team’s progress with a custom dashboard and are able to respond to challenges in real-time.


Team leaders receive strategic, ongoing training on methods proven to drive business results, facilitated by our career strategists.

What's the Return on Investment?


Industries We Work With

We primarily work with companies that support STEM advancement

BioScience/Digital Health




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Quist Valuation
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FEI financial-executives-international
PrimeHealth co
90-day Money Back Guarantee
If your leadership and team members participate in the program for a full 90 days and do not get the agreed to results, request a full refund.

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Career CNX Information Security

We take data and privacy seriously.

Career CNX is built on the platform using Amazon Web Services, and is compliant with certifications SOC 2, CSA, ISO 27001, and more.

We use automated code testing, vulnerability testing (including OWASP Top 10) and continuous monitoring technologies.

Our app can access point-in-time data recovery for your own data at any time.

Our admin logs track all access, workflows, database updates even in the background.

We use AWS RDS’s AES-256 encryption to encrypt data at rest. Here is the SSL report for the encryption we use for data in transit.

Our app data is protected at the application level with multiple levels of privacy rules including GDPR, and several layers of user-defined privacy rules.

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