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Which of These Are Your Top Challenges?

Most companies we work with face 3 or more of these

Most leadership teams create a strategic plan each year, but are often surprised. November comes and they review the plan against results to discover that less than 50% of the goals set were achieved. This is not uncommon.

Most leadership teams (about 83%) are very clear about what they expect to happen, but less than 23% of team members understand how to prioritize the important and urgent activities that have real impact.

Our solution starts with strategic planning that moves teams from goal setting to goal achieving.

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Frequently slipping company goals

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Lots of work, but no progress

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Disconnect in communication

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Disengaged workforce

We Help Teams Achieve Company Objectives

So they can go from "goal-setting" to "goal achievement"

This starts with an employee-centric strategy designed for your goals and your business.

Our whole-person approach gives you and your team the platform, insight and training that is proven to turn goals into accomplishments.

Our 3-phase process allows you as the leader to align and engage your team to achieving those (frequently missed) company objectives. 

There is no one size fits all, which is we we work closely with you in the beginning. This ensures your team is primed for new growth. 

ALIGN - Developing Strategic Action for Alignment

Reaching your performance goals requires the actions of your front line teams to be aligned with the organizational objectives. We work with you to develop your dashboard and custom strategies to align your talent.

ENGAGE - Cohort Engagement and Performance

Your workforce is the foundation of your productivity. We ensure your teams are engaged with a whole person approach to do their best work.

ACHIEVE - Achieve More Goals On Time

We partner with your leadership team to bridge the gap between vision and action, transforming your team from goal-setting to goal-achievement. 

The Career CNX Edge

Leadership says alignment is 82%, but employee data shows only 23%
two to three times lower than perceived alignment

*Source: 2023 HBR survey of 500 employees across 12 organizations

Making meaningful changes is difficult without effective execution.

Our approach ensures that your initiatives have the structure needed to bridge the gap between leadership’s vision and your team’s day-to-day efforts.   

We equip your team with our proprietary platform and framework to confirm alignment and achieve more goals on time. 



92% of employers are making employee experience a priority in
2022 and beyond versus 52% prior to 2019.*

*Source: SHRM 2021 survey of 1550 companies.
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Engaged Employees Drive Performance

Our approach ensures your employees are aligned and engaged on the most impactful company objectives

According to Gallup's latest study,

Companies with engaged employees experience:

  • 23% increase in profitability
  • 18% increase in productivity & retention
  • 10% increase in customer loyalty/engagement

“Engaged employees have higher wellbeing, better retention, lower absenteeism and higher productivity”

Unlock the Team's Potential

According to Recent study,

4 of every 10 employees don’t understand how their work impacts company goals

37% agreed greater visibility of company and employee goals would spur their performance

92% would work harder if their co-worders see their progress on goals

Data-Driven, Results Oriented

We equip your team with the platform, insight & training to make data-driven decisions and achieve business results


Our proprietary software gives your team members a central place to set, track and measure performance against desired goals.

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increase in goal achievement within 90-days


Team leaders gain unmatched visibility into the team’s progress with a custom dashboard and are able to respond to challenges in real-time.

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rate the professional development as amazing or life-changing


Team leaders receive strategic, ongoing training on methods proven to drive business results, facilitated by our performance strategists.

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improve team communication skills

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Introducing StratCNX, Your Team's Strategy Management Platform

StratCNX provides the software and support to shift from “goal setting ” to “goal achievement” 

StratCNX provides the structure needed to bridge the gap between leadership’s vision and your team’s day-to-day efforts.   

Our pricing starts at $2.5k and is performance based. 

Not sure which program is best for you? Speak with one of our performance strategists to discover the right fit for your needs.

StratCNX Pricing and features

Our pricing starts at $2.5k and is performance based. 

How StratCNX Transformed Quist Valuation

StratCNX provides the software and support to shift from “goal setting ” to “goal achievement” 

The valuation company Quist struggled to consistently increase sales. The team had higher turnover than they wanted.

After completing the 2 day strategic planning session, StratPlan, creating the 2-3 North Star Objectives for each team, and setting goals that were tracked weekly for the full quarter, their results were exceptional.

Lead gen increased from 50 leads per month to 155 leads per month. Sales volume grew by an additional $10 million (a 45% increase). Best of all, their team churn dropped by 10% – for a significant savings to the company.

What's the Return on Investment?

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saved annually for
one leader retained

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saved annually for
one team leader


Industries We Work With

We primarily work with companies that support STEM advancement

BioScience/Digital Health




Lunda Tec
Quist Valuation
CFO share
FEI financial-executives-international
PrimeHealth co
90-day Money Back Guarantee
If your leadership and team members participate in the program for a full 90 days and do not get the agreed to results, request a full refund.

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