Breaks in your resume? Support an Association.

Do you have gaps on your resume? Here’s part one of our series on explaining the breaks.

Whether it’s due to a brief illness, relocation, caring for an ill family member, or just a long time between jobs, nearly everyone has some type of gap on their resume. When it’s more than about 6 months, employers might get uneasy about hiring.

How do you explain a gap in your resume?

This is the first of a several part series on explaining the gaps on your resume.
To begin, it’s important to never lie. It can be tempting to gloss over that gap – but remember that honesty is the best policy.

Our first suggestion when working with a gap in your resume that is related to being out of work for a period of time.

Get involved with an Association.

Most fields have an association supporting their work. It’s a fair bet that these organizations can only survive with the help of volunteers.

Be that volunteer.

Depending on what your skills are, donate them to the organization. Be judicious. Working with the board of directors of your organization may give you more exposure to leaders in your field.

Then, when including this work on your resume, detail your contribution just as you would a paid job. Don’t specify that it was volunteer – describe it just as you would your last paid position.

Working for an Association within your industry can benefit both you and the Association. Consider it.

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