About Career CNX

Career CNX empowers individuals and teams to achieve more goals on time. 

Unlock Your Human Potential

✔ We exist to unlock the human potential for life-changing personal & professional performance.

✔ We believe every person has the potential to achieve their goals, but simply lacks the proper structure and support to achieve the goal.

✔ We bridge the gap between ambition and execution with our proven approach and proprietary software, unlocking up to 71% more goals being achieved by individuals and teams.


increase in goal achievement within 90-days


rate the professional development as amazing or life-changing


improve communication skills

The ABC ‘s of our values:

  • Authentically connect with our clients and community
  • Build trust that is respectful of the unique background of our team and clients
  • Create value, striving for a top shelf experience for our team, clients and stakeholders
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Expect and embrace innovation from our team, clients and stakeholders
Career CNX Team 2024


After presenting and working with over 2000 executives, entrepreneurs and credentialed professionals in conferences, presentations and workshops, our founder Patrice Barber discovered that the biggest obstacle leaders face is….

Building your sphere of influence and keeping in touch with that important network over time.

Career CNX, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) tech company, headquartered in Denver, CO, provides a platform that fundamentally changes the way director and above professionals manage their career trajectory to increase income, grow their network and find their next job inside or outside their current company. 

….A way that defies gender, age and racial biases, that is respectful of both the employee and the employer. This approach has helped professionals double their income and gets 87% of candidates into new positions in under 90 days, 8% within 7 days, 5% into major pivots like launching their own business.

The company successfully spun out of a 17-year-old firm, TMS Colorado, led by a group of 3 serial entrepreneurs and supported by a small and high performing team that leverages technology in all aspects of our business. In 2020, we developed a career management and personal branding platform growing our client base nationally and in 2021 internationally to Canada and the UK.

We work with companies interested in developing their employee’s personal brands to be ambassadors for the company.  We show professionals how to find and present your very best value you can bring, and how to network effectively to create opportunities inside and outside of your current company.

Where the national average for changing jobs is 2.7 years, we are the only Executive Transition firm focused on the wildly different concept that

“ your job is what you do in between your networking”

Our digital platform is engineered to rekindle and sustain your network over the next 3 years and

We are the only firm to give a money back guarantee!


The number of years on average professionals are now changing jobs –  your network is more critical than ever.


The number of new execs companies are quoted as hiring from direct referrals rather than job board applicants.


The number of professionals who find their next position by using their network to find hidden jobs.

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