A Personal Branding Success Story: Lew’s List

Have you ever wondered why some executives shine out from all the rest – they get speaker gigs, they get job promotions and the coolest opportunities. They are not any smarter than you or more experienced than you are. What sets them apart is their personal brand.

Former CFO of Catalyst Repository Systems, past President of FEI Colorado (Financial Executives International) Colorado Chapter and the Founder and President of Lew’s List, Lew Visscher.  Lew is known as one of the best-connected executives in Denver and Phoenix.

Lew works with both executives that are hiring and those that are interested in new opportunities. Lew’s List is a highly regarded resource, particularly for finance execs.

According to Lew, “I had a career of 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then 25 as CFO of technology and software-related businesses. That credibility of knowing and working in the profession leads to tremendous respect and success with Lew’s List. I know what companies are looking for and going through when hiring and similarly for candidates and job seekers.”

If you’re interested in how to create your personal brand, check out our post here: Creative ways to build your brand.

Listen to how Lew’s career has taken him from the CFO of a Catalyst Repository Systems to the present day. Click the link below.

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